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Mortality after the initial diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis is up to 20% during the first 10 years. After 20 years, more than 50% of patients die. The causes of death are complications associated with exacerbations of pancreatitis, concomitant digestive disorders and infections. The risk of pancreatic cancer in chronic pancreatitis increases 5 times.

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Like diagnostics, the treatment tactics of this disease require an integrated approach and are aimed at normalizing and restoring pancreatic functions.The effectiveness of the measures taken depends on the correctness of the chosen course of therapy, as well as the time of its beginning. The most effective treatment will be in the case of the immediate use of drugs immediately after the discovery of the first signs of a gouty attack. It is also necessary to remember that basic therapy should be carried out only with the elimination of acute clinical manifestations of the disease. Otherwise, the symptoms may be significantly aggravated.

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Excess uric acid or hyperuricemia in the early stages practically does not manifest itself. Over time, this substance accumulates in the tissues of the joints, which provokes severe inflammation and contributes to the progression of chronic arthritis. This is how gout develops - medical treatment of the pathology includes 2 stages: removal of the acute symptoms of an attack and subsequent basic therapy.

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>A special dye enters the bloodstream through the catheter in such a way that the coronary arteries become visible, and the whole process can be observed on the monitor screen. You may be woken up during the procedure, and you can talk to the doctor while he is working. Once the catheter reaches the blocked coronary artery, the doctor removes the block or aligns it from the inside using various methods.

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